"How to defy slumps in online sales and how to increase your profits with a smart tool"

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Dear friend & colleague,

Why do we drive an industry-wide average of 99% off our sales pages, or still 90% off our e-mail lists?

Because we do not know our visitors' needs and – which is even worse – we got used to an excuse that there does not exist any really good solution in online business to make them stay!

What if we are wrong and there does in fact exist a possibility to display any sales page visitor an individual offer based on his needs?

How about a female sales page visitor, who will be teased by texts, pictures & videos for her eyes only, whereas a male customer receiving contents tailored for men only?

What would it mean to you to achieve – in addition to valuable pieces of information on individual customer's needs – e-mail opt-in rates beyond common 10%?

Exactly! It will definitely boost your online sales…

Your sales rate might even leverage your profits! You will not only achieve more newsletter readers to sell products, but you could make a fortune by tailoring suitable (individual) market needs to your customers.

The question is: how will you be able to double your sales and newsletter subscriptions as soon as possible?

ONBETOO will help you to keep contact with your subscribers. ONBETOO will help you to increase your online sales to acquired new customers, as ONBETOO will help you to acquire new subscribers by initial contact.

We manage:

  1. Gaining more newsletter subscribers by a proved, but rare system:
    You just could to gain newsletter readers by offering a unique ONBETOO e-mail analysis with exciting topics for participants within seconds.
  2. Additional sales by a world's first new technique in online sales:
    Start to sell even main-stream online products to individuals. Stick to what any of your visitor answered basically on your sales page.

Is it too abstract?

Then let's have a look upon real life:

Successful beginnings of focused sales imply at least a fine knowledge in needs, desires or expectations of future customers. This can be determined by single questions or extensive analyses.

In my situation I may want to know whether your are more interested in increasing your sales rate or in building up your e-mail list. And after knowing this I may pass you to the individual sales page which provide you with the needed informations.

Best wishes

ONBETOO Dirk Henningsen

Dirk Henningsen

– Founder of ONBETOO.com –